Taiwan Designated Driver

Project:  TWDD 台灣代駕 品牌規劃
Location:  Taipei City, Taiwan
Client:  群悅科技股份有限公司
Design:  BYEn 百岩設計
Finish:  Brand Identity 品牌識別, VIS 視覺識別系統, Application 應用設計
TWDD 即 Taiwan Designated Driver,是台灣首家倡導酒後呼叫代駕的 APP 平台,為解決台灣酒駕肇事問題而誕生。品牌識別設計以代表台灣及科技的 T 字首,衍生出「指針」概念,象徵 TWDD 以科技引領台灣交通安全的未來,以及指引、幫助開車外出喝醉的人能夠平安賦歸。靈巧的球體識別,嶄露出 TWDD 的科技智能與獨樹一幟的前瞻達觀。
TWDD stands for Taiwan Designated Driver. It is the first app in Taiwan to advocate booking designated drivers after drinking. It was created to provide a solution to Taiwan’s numerous drunken driving incidents. The brand identity design features an “indicator” derived from the letter “T,” which stands for “Taiwan” and “technology.” It symbolizes how TWDD utilizes technology to lead the way to a future with greater road safety in Taiwan, as well as how it guides intoxicated people back home safely. The unique spheroid manifests TWDD’s combination of technology and intelligence, as well as its unmatched forward-looking concepts.
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