About BYEn
BYEn is a Taiwanese brand-consulting team that offers consulting services for the establishment of brand identities. Through interactive dialogue, strategic guidance and the incorporation of visual design, we helps businesses identify their core strengths, actualize them, and implement them in their product offerings. Ultimately, BYEn strives to facilitate business’ communication with the consumer market and increase their overall value.
企業識別建立  Building a Corporate Identity
企業識別蛻變  Corporate Identity Design
企業審查與洞察  Corporate  Audit & Insight
企業定位與策略  Corporate Positioning & Strategy
品牌識別建立  Building a Brand Identity
品牌識別蛻變  Rebranding Strategy Plan
品牌審查與洞察  Brand  Audit & Insight
品牌定位與策略  Brand Positioning & Strategy
平面視覺傳達設計  Communications & Graphic

產品型錄與手冊設計  Product Catalog & Manual Design
產品包裝形象設計  Product Packaging Design
多媒體與網頁設計  Multimedia & Web Design

空間與展場設計  Interior & Exhibition Design
Founder & Executive Director
YEn Yang  /創辦人暨執行總監
2018 │ German Design Award (Winner) (link) / BESTCHEM (read)
2018 │ REBRAND 100® Global Awards (Merit) (link) / BESTCHEM (read)
2018 │ A' Design Award and Competition (Silver) (link) / BESTCHEM (read)

2017 │ A' Design Award and Competition (Iron) (link) / PDcoffee (read)
2016 │ The Best Brand Awards (Runner Up) (link) / PDcoffee (read)
2016 │ The Best Brand Awards (Runner Up) (link) / unico (read)
2016 │ The Best Brand Awards (Runner Up) (link) / BY studio (read)
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